Corporate Activist Employees: Your New CSR Team 

How are you shaping the inclusive workforce of the future? According to a 2017 survey, 57% of Fortune 1000 employees think companies need to take a more active stance on social issues. And, this is regardless of political affiliation. Understanding how employees who identify as “activists” are thinking and feeling, and uncovering ways to build this into culture strategies, will be critical to teams seeking to create more inclusive workplace experiences.

Watch this webinar recording with Tony Calandro, SVP at Povaddo, and Laura Plato, President and COO of Causecast, and you’ll learn:

  • Why engaging activist employees is essential for recruiting and retention

  • How companies can leverage this data to take more effective action

  • Ideas for key stakeholders to engage with internal activists more effectively

  • What CEOs can do to unlock the enthusiasm of corporate activist employees

About the +IMPACT webinar series:

The +IMPACT webinar series occurs monthly and focuses on continuing Causecast's commitment to helping you build new skills and develop enhanced programming that achieves unprecedented impact for the causes and communities you and your employees are most passionate about. We believe together, through collaboration and learning, we can overcome our biggest challenges.


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