Ready to Improve Your Reporting & Analytics Game?

Causecast Impact AI helps you get to impact faster.

You’ll spend less time pulling reports and trying to make sense of confusing data, and doing more of what you love: motivating volunteers, building world-class events, sharing stories of accomplishment and recognizing your people.  With Causecast Impact AI, you'll get real-time access to analytics that offer practical insights and coaching suggestions -- so you know at-a-glance exactly how your program is performing and what action to take next to have the most impact.

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Powerful Reports in Less Time

Get the data you need on your giving and volunteering programs in a way that’s easy to configure and make visual. It's easy to explore and share data about any point in time, and quick to export to shareable formats like PDF or CSV.

Intuitive Benchmarking

Contrast how your initiatives are performing this year over other time periods.

Compare and contrast how your company stacks up against others. Anonymized data helps you get a sense of what other innovative companies are up to, so you can tune your own programs

Better Decisions, Faster

With the industry's only Predictive Analytics AI Coach, you'll receive tips and insights based on real-time data that make it super simple to know what action to take next. 

Better CSR, Better Bottom Line

Companies that increased total giving between 2013 and 2015 by at least 10% saw higher median growth rates in terms of revenue and pre-tax profit.

Traditional Systems

  • Spend hours pulling reports
  • Lots of manual work
  • Wasting time on activities that aren’t driving impact
  • Hard to get employees engaged
  • Output focused
  • Past focused
  • Not real-time - monthly or quarterly reports only

Causecast Community Impact Platform

  • Complete corporate philanthropy and employee volunteering platform
  • Enable easy volunteering with mobile & desktop options, event check-in, automatic logging and group and individual volunteer options
  • Optional social media sharing
  • Facilitate employee giving with credit card processing, payroll deductions, offline giving
  • Reporting with real-time, at-a-glance stats and dashboards you can customize
  • Customize your brand

Causecast Impact AI Platform

  • Easily see outcomes and impact
  • Easy suggestions help increase participation by as much as 25%
  • Program managers spend up to 30% less time on administrative minutiae
  • Save $70K per year (the cost to hire a part-time analyst) with a virtual data partner
  • No effort wasted on the wrong things more time saved and better data insights to drive higher impact actions
  • Standalone, or combine to get all the features of the Community Impact platform
  • Future focused

More Impact - Faster

Impact AI effectively adds another member to your team -- it’s like having a PhD on hand who serves as your coach, communications champion and confidante, all rolled into one.

Get a demo and see for yourself how you can save time reporting and create more social impact
Get A Demo
Or call us at 877.331.8009 to set up a consultation.