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Practical Tips for Giving and Volunteering Programs

Need some practical advice on your CSR program?  Sign up for this webinar to get tips you can use right away.  You’ll also hear about corporate social impact examples at leading companies.

Join Laura Plato, President & COO of Causecast, on June 28 at 2 pm ET / 11 am PT, and you’ll be able to answer questions like:

  • How do I respond to employees who say they don't have time to give back?
  • How can I encourage employees to log their volunteer hours?
  • Where should volunteering sit - CSR, Corporate Affairs, HR, or...?
  • How do I most effectively share stories about my program to get key stakeholder buy-in?
  • How do I set goals/milestones and measure progress?
  • How can HR help with the volunteer program?
  • If volunteer work to recognize leadership is part of performance reviews, does it become "volun-told" and no longer really "volunteering"?
About the +IMPACT webinar series:

The +IMPACT webinar series occurs monthly and focuses on continuing Causecast's commitment to helping you build new skills and develop enhanced programming that achieves unprecedented impact for the causes and communities you and your employees are most passionate about. We believe together, through collaboration and learning, we can overcome our biggest challenges.

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