HowtoRetain&AttractMillennialTalent.jpgHow to Retain & Attract Millennial Talent Webinar

Employee retention is a particularly tough challenge when it comes to Millennials, who job hop far more than other age groups. And the average millennial job candidate still gets 12.5% more job offers than candidates from older generations. What can you do to attract and retain Millennial talent?

After you attend this webinar, you'll be able to:   

  • Increase engagement among Millennials by creating a purpose-driven culture that gives deeper meaning to their work 
  • Entice Millennial talent to join your organization by building an irresistible company that they will be clamoring to join
  • Create contagious enthusiasm among Millennial employees for your organization
About the +IMPACT webinar series:

The +IMPACT webinar series occurs monthly and focuses on continuing Causecast's commitment to helping you build new skills and develop enhanced programming that achieves unprecedented impact for the causes and communities you and your employees are most passionate about. We believe together through collaboration and learning we can overcome our biggest challenges. 


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