Engage Employees and Spark Excitement Around a Cause Campaign

How Dixon Hughes Goodman tripled its impact with 6 easy steps



Company leaders who want to make an impact with their employee volunteer and giving programs know that well-run campaigns are essential to high employee participation. But so many volunteer and giving campaigns never manage to grab the attention, interest or engagement of employees. And so they sometimes come and go with little fanfare, amounting to more of a halfhearted exercise by the marketing department than anything generated by actual volunteers.

To better understand the secrets of campaign success, we took a look in our own backyard. Causecast client Dixon Hughes Goodman, a top 20 public accounting firm, tripled its impact with its latest volunteer and giving campaign.

What's the secret to DHG's winning campaign formula? Here are 6 STEPS that DHG took to create an unforgettable volunteer and giving campaign:

  • See how DHG employed one of the most successful tools in philanthropy to increase giving.
  • Read how DHG expected the unexpected and was ready to adapt its campaign to fast-moving events.
  • Learn how to not only think outside the box with your campaign - but not even bring the box to the office!

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