When Corporate Competitive Crowdfunding Goes to the Dogs

Traditional workplace giving is great, but corporate competitive crowdfunding is what will really get your employees involved. The hottest trend in corporate fundraising combines gamification and social media in an interactive cause cocktail that yields delicious results with little administrative effort. Increased employee engagement? Check. Significant community impact? Check. Corporate leadership around emerging giving techniques? Check, check and check.

Causecast decided to give its latest Community Impact Platform campaign a spin when the company launched its own competitive crowdfunding event to support two local dog rescues. The unique, month-long event was timed to coincide with that well-known national holiday, Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Would crowdfunding work at a small company like Causecast? Was it possible to mobilize a modest staff to make a big difference with minimal exertion? Would Causecasters reach their company goal and earn the reward of pooches at the office plus a company happy hour? And would the individual contest to win a day off of work, work the company into a gamified frenzy?

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