What You Wish Millennial Employees Were Saying About Your Company


"This company has a culture you can feel—ethical, caring, inclusive, and forward-thinking. We are a financial services company, yet we care greatly about our community and give back, at an individual employee level and at a corporate level. I LOVE working here. As a millennial, I have high expectations. I want to retire from this company, which tells you how special this place is!"  - employee at Principal Financial Group, rated #21 on Fortune’s 2016 list of Best Workplaces to Give Back

“I was always resistant to working for a big corporation, but joining Intuit was the best career decision I have ever made. I truly love it and intend to spend the rest of my working days here. People truly care about each other and our customers. ... Our dedication to giving back to the community is enviable. I am personally a leader of an employee network and am given the time and support needed to effectively manage the network and plan and execute activities supporting our community. We are known in the area as a very giving organization, and that is really important to me.” - employee at Intuit, #4 on Fortune’s 2016 list of Best Workplaces to Give Back

"This is an extraordinarily special place that really cares about its employees, customers, and community. We are strongly encouraged to give back. I have done everything from volunteering in a soup kitchen, to working at a children's hospital in Morocco—all supported by the company. Most importantly, I look forward to coming to work everyday, working with our wonderful community, and doing satisfying, challenging work.” - employee at Salesforce, #1 on Fortune’s 2016 list of Best Workplaces to Give Back

My friends and family get tired of hearing me talk about how awesome this company is and how much I love my job."  - employee at Intuit, #4 on Fortune’s 2016 list of Best Workplaces to Give Back

Millennial employees are different from employees of other generations, and Corporate America is racing to understand them. After all, Millennials will soon represent a majority of the working population, so it’s up to company leaders to figure out how to re-fashion their work cultures to attract the best of the next generation of talent.

Over the years, the Millennial Impact Report has gathered crucial insights about Millennials in the workplace. Through their research, we understand that beyond compensation and benefits, what matters most to Millennials is a company’s work culture, involvement with causes, office environment, and attention to diversity and HR standards. Millennials care about collaboration, and want to connect with their co-workers through a shared belief in their company’s mission and purpose. Millennials want to volunteer together in team building events, and above all they want to feel that they work at a company where cause work is integrated into the organization’s core mission.

Culture is everything for Millennials, and that culture must feel rooted in a sense of purpose.

How can you create an irresistible culture of giving back that will generate the kind of enthusiasm amongst Millennial employees that you see at the “Best Workplaces to Give Back”? 

Ryan Scott