Storytelling: Corporate Philanthropy’s Secret Sauce

World­-class employee giving and volunteering programs all share one important value: authenticity.

Which is why we’ve discovered that when it comes to using these programs to help create positive, lasting change and drive the highest levels of engagement for communities, companies, teams and individuals, storytelling isn’t just a nice-­to-­have.

It’s a must-­have if you want to unlock the true power of your employee-­led giving and volunteering efforts.

In fact, in researching leading organizations, we’ve discovered that corporate philanthropy and employee engagement leaders who recognize the value of empowering employees to share their unique voice have hit upon the secret sauce to creating a program that stands out above the crowd.

How, what, when and to whom you communicate information about your volunteer and giving program all play a critical role in whether your engagement programs – and the way your brand is perceived — soars or flops.