At Davos, Will World Leaders Support the Key to Community Impact?

Ryan Scott

As global leaders prepare to gather at the 46th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, I've been musing on the topic of their forthcoming discussion: Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The premise of this anointed age is that human progress is now fully oriented around science and technology, when tools that are small, cheap and more powerful than ever have transformed entire systems of production, distribution, consumption -- "and possibly the very essence of human nature."

Topics: social impact, social justice, international, economic development, social good, leadership, opportunity, economic opportunity, climate change, World Economic Forum, policy
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Revolutionizing Community Service Ideas Around Digital and Financial Literacy

Ryan Scott

The Great Recession delivered a body blow to our country’s financial equilibrium, and only after years of painfully slow recovery have housing prices begun to stabilize and the unemployment rate steadily fallen. But while the economic crisis has abated, it remains a devastating morass for many, especially young adults, ethnic and racial minorities, and lower income families.

Topics: Corporate Philanthropy, corporate giving, corporate responsibility, HR, corporate social responsibility, csr, leadership, civic engagement, financial literacy, opportunity, CivicX, digital literacy, points of light, POL
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