This Sunday: the Greenest and Most Philanthropic Super Bowl Ever

Ryan Scott

The Super Bowl is one of the great unifiers in this country, a de facto national holiday that  brings together more than 110 million people to rally around a shared spectacle.

Topics: philanthropy, sustainability, nonprofits, bay area, education, san francisco, financial literacy, grants, literacy, children, super bowl, 50 fund
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When You Don’t Know How To Be Disruptive

Ryan Scott

The old proverb about how to feed a man for a lifetime has us teaching him to fish. Matthew Manos thinks teaching also works for changing the world.

Topics: social impact, partnerships, social innovation, nonprofits, entrepreneurship, social enterprise, social good, verynice, design
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When Your Pro Bono Offer Is Turned Down

Ryan Scott

Pro bono service has experienced such an explosion of popularity in the last few years that it’s now the fastest growing employee engagement program. But is skills-based volunteering one of those gifts that givers like to offer more than recipients want to accept?

Topics: employee volunteering, workplace volunteering, employee engagement, corporate volunteerism, nonprofits, volunteering, community impact, pro bono, LBG Associates
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Spotlight On Hunger Action Month: How 6 Startups Teamed Up to Break a Food Bank Record

Jill Brownfield

Hunger equality and hunger action are both causes just about anyone can rally around. According to Feeding America, 49.1 million Americans lived in food insecure households, including 33.3 million adults and 15.8 million children in 2013. Poverty and hunger statistics are even more alarming in communities like the San Francisco Bay Area, where hunger is a daily threat to 1 in 4 people.

Topics: employee volunteering, workplace volunteering, corporate volunteerism, nonprofits, hunger action month, founders pledge, sf-marin food bank, startups give back, volunteering
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