Lyka Sethi

Lyka Sethi

Lyka Sethi is a Client Success Manager at Causecast, where she helps a portfolio of clients manage and grow their employee engagement programs and provides support and resources to nonprofit partners. Originally from California, Lyka holds a BS in Business Administration from UC Berkeley as well as a certificate in Social Impact Strategy from the University of Pennsylvania and is currently based in NYC.

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Empathy in Motion: The Power of Employee Volunteering

Lyka Sethi

In Greek mythology, it is said that Prometheus bestowed two vital gifts on a despairing mankind: one was fire, giving humans the ability to create and thrive, and second was blind hope, the capacity to wish and strive for something better than what exists today. Together, these gifts allowed humanity to rise above their obstacles, avoid destruction, and ensure survival. However, there was also a third, unspoken gift: the concept of benevolence. It’s understood that thanks to Prometheus, humans learned that in giving to those around us, everyone benefits. Human beings thus embody Prometheus’ benevolent actions whenever we take action to help one another.

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