All Aboard! Why Nonprofit Board Service Matters

The Exclusive Guide to Making the Experience a Smooth Ride

Nonprofit board service is one of the most highly impactful forms of giving back that not only helps the community, but strengthens a business' bottom line and company culture.

Unfortunately, these opportunities are often overlooked by corporate social responsibility programs or simply unavailable to the candidates with the highest potential for contributing valuable leadership and professional skills to a nonprofit they care about. It doesn't have to be this way.

We've consulted with dozens of experts on board service and have compiled a guide that includes:

  • Proven tips & tricks for landing the best nonprofit board positions
  • Best practices for finding the right fit for certain professional skills, lifestyles and personalities
  • Resources to engage employees and colleagues in board service
  • Best practices for engaging millennials in board service as a form of professional development
  • Actionable advice from well-known board service experts from around the country

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