7 True Stories of Irresistible Employee Volunteerism

How can you increase participation rates in your employee volunteer programs? Many companies seem to channel magic and create volunteer events that employees clamor to join. Companies like CSAA Insurance Group, which has an award-winning volunteer program that engaged 98 percent of its employees in service last year. And it’s not just participation rates that CSAA is nailing. Nearly 96 percent of CSAA volunteers have responded that they “agree or strongly agree” that the volunteer program improves employee engagement. Or how about The Advisory Board Company, which has in recent years achieved 100% participation (!) in its volunteer program.

Gain valuable insights from these amazingly successful companies into how to ratchet up employee enthusiasm for your own volunteer program:

  • Drive higher engagement rates through sparking excitement among employees with opportunities that target their passions, interests, and needs.
  • Increase volunteer participation by creating an organizational structure and culture that inspires your employees to give back.
  • Boost your employee volunteer involvement by developing experiences that they will want to be a part of.

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