20 July 2016

Whether you know it or not, a lot of your employees are probably job-hunting on the job. And you can guarantee this is true if the employees in question are Millennials.

30 June 2016

When it comes to insights about Millennials, our most populous generation, the annual Millennial Impact Report never disappoints. Created by research firm Achieve and the Case Foundation, the Millennial Impact Report is the most comprehensive study of the millennial generation (born 1980-2000) and their involvement with causes.

02 June 2016

Social impact is a term that’s nervously thrown around these days. We all want to believe that when we’re volunteering or giving, we’re creating impact. But are we?

23 May 2016

For anyone who cares about the bottom line of employee volunteering and giving, things just got exciting.

13 May 2016

Are you checking the corporate volunteering box?

02 May 2016

How do you give a giant shot of adrenaline to charitable fundraising? Throw a virtual party that covers half your state and mix in a slew of cash incentives, challenges and a stadium throwdown to get nonprofits, individuals and corporations engaged.

28 April 2016

As if you needed any more proof, new data shows that Millennial employees won’t settle for less than an engaging workplace.
A survey to be released this month by Fidelity finds that 25-to 35-year-olds who are looking for a new job prioritize a better quality of life at work over a bigger salary. In fact, young people would rather give up an average of $7,000 in compensation than forfeit engagement goodies like healthier work/life balance and more career development.

22 April 2016

Training_session_c_Harry_KH_LandRoverBAR_4-2.jpgWhen Earth Day was launched in 1970, not many people were paying attention. Forty-six years later, consciousness around environmental issues has exploded - although given the slow progress towards sustainability, we still have miles to go.

13 April 2016

Seventy percent. That’s the number of employees in this country who couldn’t care less about their jobs. Your disengaged staff are cutting every corner they can, searching for a bigger, better deal on company time, and many are actively badmouthing your business. The cost to you is real: between $3,000 and $10,000 in decreased productivity and serious rain on your PR parade. Try attracting top talent when word on the street is that your employees are dying to leave.

06 April 2016

With the pile-up of data proving the bottom line benefits of employee volunteer and giving programs, more companies are clamoring to launch or escalate their own programs. As someone whose business helps organizations manage their corporate volunteering and giving, I’m delighted with this trend towards more employee-led philanthropy.


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