We’ve just read a great article by Tim Mohin, the director of corporate responsibility for Advanced Micro Devices and author of the forthcoming book Changing Business From the Inside Out: The Treehugger’s Guide to Working in Corporations. Tim contends that one of the biggest developments to watch for this year in the world of CSR is employee engagement.

“The connection between CSR and engaged employees continues to grow. A Hewitt & Associates study looked at 230 workplaces with more than 100,000 employees and found that the more a company actively pursues worthy environmental and social efforts, the more engaged its employees are. The Society for Human Resources Management compared companies that have strong sustainability programs with companies that have poor ones and found that in the former morale was 55% better, business process were 43% more efficient, public image was 43% stronger, and employee loyalty was 38% better. Add to all that the fact that companies with highly engaged employees have three times the operating margin (Towers and Watson) and four times the earnings per share (Gallup) of companies with low engagement, and you’ve got a compelling business case for this trend to continue into 2012 and beyond.”

We couldn’t agree more, Tim, and software platforms such as Causecast’s Employee Impact Platform are leading the charge in making this happen, not just in the world’s largest companies, but in companies of any size. Volunteering and engaging with causes via donating, especially via company-led social fundraising campaigns, are a powerful way to create an engaged workforce.

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