32As you know if you’re a reader of this blog, I love talking to CSR leaders and finding out what they’re doing to push the envelope with corporate volunteering.  I shared some of my favorite examples of community involvement programs with you recently, and here are some more names of corporate volunteer programs to add to any discussion of best practices with employee volunteering.

5 Ways to Create Social Impact With Matching Gifts  

Companies like Ernst & Young are recognizing that matching gifts programs shouldn’t be viewed as just a staff perk but rather an integral part of their strategy.

How Corporate Philanthropy Improves Employee Recruitment  

As the economy regains its footing, top talent is getting scarcer.  Timberland understands how corporate philanthropy helps with recruitment.

Lights, Camera, Impact: Warner Bros. Employees Run the Corporate Philanthropy Show  

Pop quiz: if your employees ask you how you’re going to support their social impact efforts, is the right answer “we don’t”?

“Scale Is Sexy:” Global Conglomerates and Corporate Social Impact  

Can one company create more social impact than the Peace Corps? If it’s a global behemoth like HP with a mission of shared value, the answer is yes.

Stepping Away from the Rat Race to Create Community Impact…for a Year  

Imagine taking a year off to do nothing but focus on community outreach. And being sponsored to do so.  That’s the kind of story Fuse Corps. makes possible.

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