49In the wake of the historic Oklahoma tornado – one of the worst in the past 20 years – disaster relief crews continued their efforts this morning, assisting residents of the ravaged communities in the suburbs outside Oklahoma City, the heart of “tornado alley.” The vast and catastrophic tornado that touched down Monday afternoon has levelled entire neighborhood blocks, destroying local schools, family homes and hospitals in its path.  Saddest of all, the death toll – which includes many children –  is now at 51 and counting.

The number of displaced residents, amount of property damage and scale of overall destruction is staggering, so the need for aid is immediate and will only continue to grow as members of these quiet Oklahoma City suburbs try to rebuild.  Many will do so without the help of adequate homeowners or business insurance policies to cover their costs, and renters may not have any insurance at all to lean on for support. 

Local organizations such as the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma are delivering food and support to those affected by the storm, and the American Red Cross has set up shelters and is providing food, supplies and emotional assistance to those in and around the area. These organizations and others like it have rushed to the aid of affected communities and many are accepting donations to support their relief efforts.

Clients of Causecast’s Community Impact Platform will find it easy to mobilize company-wide support for these relief efforts.  As of this morning, users have had access to one of our ready-made, Instant Disaster Responsecampaigns, which can be customized based on a company’s preferred nonprofit partner.

Our prayers are with the survivors of this tragedy.  Through the work of participating nonprofits, Causecast hopes that local residents will receive the support and care that they need to persevere and rebuild.

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