Text book word close-upWhat is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is a business concept referring to the level of interest that an employee feels about her job.  An engaged employee feels deeply committed to her company, bringing a positive attitude and, accordingly, greater productivity to her work.

Research shows that engaged employees are more profitable, more customer-focused and more likely to stay.  Indeed, employee engagement is directly tied to employee retention, and an engaged workforce also helps with employee recruitment.  The best-performing companies know that it pays to focus on improving employee engagement.

Studies show that one of the best ways to increase employee engagement is through corporate volunteer programs.  That’s why a great majority of top companies continue to invest in programs that allow employees to bring their values to work—programs like matching gifts, company-supported volunteer offerings, pro-bono service projects and recognition awards for public service.

Causecast offers a one-stop solution for employee volunteering and workplace corporate philanthropy.


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