21May 2015

Which Companies Give Matching Gifts Most?

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matching gifts mostFor employees and nonprofits alike, matching gifts is the gift that keeps giving.

When companies match the donations that employees make to nonprofits, the result is a powerful […]

18May 2015

Which States Have the Highest Employee Engagement?

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If you’re feeling great about your company, there’s a better chance that you live in Arkansas than Pennsylvania.

Between January 2013 and December 2014, Gallup conducted 166,409 interviews with employees across the […]

11May 2015

Is Love the Answer to the Disengagement Economy?

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love disengagement economyGallup’s annual reports on employee engagement inform us that engaged employees give approximately 57% more effort and are 87% less likely to resign. Organizations with above-average levels of employee […]

5May 2015

How Do You Get Employee Satisfaction from A Millennial?

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millennial workingIf you want to create a corporate culture that embraces Millennials (and you should), take a close look at the Six-Month Research Update to the 2014 Millennial Impact Report, […]

20April 2015

Earth to Man: Need Community Impact This Earth Day

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earth to manOne billion people.

22,000 partners in 192 countries.

The world’s largest, non-secular celebration.

Get ready for Earth Day 2015, the 45th anniversary of this urgent occasion.

As the drumbeat of […]

17April 2015

“Help, I Can’t Get Up!” Corporate Philanthropy for the Desk-Bound

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help i can't get upA question I’m asked all the time is: “How can I involve my on-site employees in the volunteer experience?”

Maybe these employees work at a call […]

13April 2015

Celebrate Service This National Volunteer Week

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national volunteer weekI’m a lucky guy. Because of my work in helping to shape and support corporate volunteer programs, every day I get to see inspiring stories that underscore the power […]

8April 2015

Tracking Community Impact? Non-Starter If Your Nonprofit Partner is Old School

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old schoolLet’s play pretend for a minute.

Your company has the most well-conceived volunteer and giving program on the planet. You’ve got the best people and a leading-edge online platform to manage […]

7April 2015

8 Signs It’s Time To Break Up With Your Giving and Volunteer Management System

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breakupsCongratulations! You’ve resolved to start fresh with your employee volunteer management system and work on strengthening your shaky marriage.

But just because you’ve got new resolve doesn’t mean that the […]

5April 2015

Bridging the Generation Gap in Corporate Volunteerism

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generationsDo Millennials, Generation X-ers and Boomers approach corporate volunteerism in different ways?

Considering the generational differences around other areas of the workplace, it’s not surprising to see those differences extend to […]