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Causecast believes that the lifeblood of organizations is cause.

Small company or global portal, it doesn’t matter; any coalition of individuals becomes stronger when bound together in shared higher purpose. Whether organizations understand it or not, their true vitality - and the devotion of their members - springs from the transformative power of public service.

But giving back isn’t just an act.

It’s an art.

Causecast recognizes that when it comes to effective change, the right brush strokes matter. Intent is not enough. If an organization hopes to positively impact a cause and, in the process, itself, execution is essential.

That’s why Causecast created the Community Impact Platform. A comprehensive and easy to use online employee volunteer and donation system, the Community Impact Platform helps corporations become better global citizens through increased volunteer and fundraising engagement around social change.

By providing a centralized solution for volunteering, giving, matching, and rewarding, the Community Impact Platform helps organizations manage cause campaigns ranging from disaster relief to competitive social fundraising. With this robust solution, Causecast eliminates the administrative obstacles to effective volunteering and offers an exciting path to powerful and popular community service programs.

For organizations looking to broaden the engagement of their members, Causecast’s Community Impact Platform enables groups to pursue ambitious corporate philanthropy goals with ease while nurturing a culture where every employee is an inspired brand ambassador. Indeed, our state of the art technology reinvents the possibilities around volunteering and fundraising, enabling organizations to propel corporate social responsibility momentum that captivates members and the public alike. Causecast’s vision is to elevate CSR to a whole new level, where group members become the pivotal instrument in moving the needle on an organization’s social mission while in the process becoming more strongly engaged constituents.

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We’re a company made of passionate:
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We’re located in Culver City,
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What We Do

Causecast creates technology to connect companies and their employees with the causes they care about. Our Community Impact Platform provides an efficient means to set up, manage and track workplace giving and volunteering programs. Our Causecast For Nonprofits tool helps nonprofits connect with businesses using our platform.

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Our Impact

“The best thing you can do is the right thing; the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing; the worst thing you can do is nothing.” -Theodore Roosevelt

Causecast makes it easy to do the right thing. Our platform has helped global corporations and small mom and pop shops alike engage their employees around cause, earn the admiration of their customers and make a real difference in their communities.

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On Employee Engagement

Capitalism, if applied creatively, holds the potential to transform the complex social-economic and environmental challenges facing the world today.

Ryan Scott, CEO of Causecast