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Causecast creates robust online tools to help organizations engage with their members through cause.  We are an award-winning provider of innovative technologies that connect organizations and nonprofits with each other and their supporters.

We have a team of incredibly dedicated individuals who come to work knowing that what they are doing is helping nonprofits and businesses make the world a better place.

You can expect long hours, tight deadlines, and no dull moments. Sound like your cup of highly caffeinated tea? We would love to hear from you.


Full medical benefits starting
3 months after employment.

Breakfast provided
every morning

Lunch provided
twice a week

Beer Fridays with fresh
guac, salsa and chips

Working at Causecast is a tremendously fulfilling experience. I know the work I do here is done solely for the purpose of improving people’s lives.

- Peter, Project Manager

Always hot and freshly brewed
to help get you through the day.

Every monday, the smell of waffles
welcomes you to the office.

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Get 2 days off a year to volunteer

Our office, inside the Helms bakery.

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PR Professional Job

Are you a successful small company PR exec?  Have a track record of landing important stories for small startups? Show us just how scrappy, resourceful, and effective you are.  Send your resume or LinkedIn profile along with a cover letter to jobs@causecast.com


Enterprise SaaS Account Manager

We are seeking a SF/San Jose based Enterprise SaaS account manager to head up Bay Area sales operations for Causecast’s ground-breaking solution to manage workplace giving and volunteering programs.

  • Manage complete sales cycle - from qualifying clients to to closing them
  • Conducting online demos for prospective clients
  • Manage efforts to complete RFPs. Coordinate with Product, Engineering and Services team to obtain information needed during RFP process.
  • Monitoring & Tracking - Set up systems to track and communicate progress of sales efforts.
  • Manage inbound marketing leads
  • Attend networking events and generate leads both in person and online

Required Skills
  • Proven success in the Enterprise SaaS space
  • Experience working closely with Engineering and Client Services/Success teams
  • Experience working with inbound-marketing strategies
  • Experience with long sales cycles and managing multiple stakeholders (finding the buyer)
  • Forging long term relationships with clients based on more than just pitching
  • Get it done / make it happen attitude
Send your resume or LinkedIn profile along with a cover letter to jobs@causecast.com